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Prep & Aftercare

Before Glow​


  • Waxing, mani/pedi and shaving should be done 24+ hours prior.

  • Be showered and free of lotions, deodorant and body oils the day of your booking.

  • For best result, exfoliate before your appointment with a non-oily scrub. 


  • Wear loose fitting clothes post tan, like a cotton robe or dress. Avoid water and don’t work up a sweat until you are ready to rinse.   

  • Your tanning solution can be rinsed off after 4 hours for express tans and in 8-12 hours for our standard solution.

  • Solution should be rinsed off quickly until water runs clear of top bronzers. No soap or shampoo your first shower.

  • Gently pat dry your skin, and immediately moisturize your fresh spray tan. 

  • Your base will continue to deepen and be fully developed into a gorgeous, even glow in 24 hours.

  • Avoid harsh soaps for the duration of your tan as they will strip your tan and cause it to fade unevenly.

  • Avoid long baths, hot tubs, swimming pools and salt water if possible.

  • Stay hydrated! Drinking enough water ensures your skin is hydrated, maintains your spray tan longer and looks healthier.

  • Moisturize your skin morning and night, avoid lotions with mineral oil.

  • With the right prep and maintenance you can expect your tan to last 7-10 days, depending on your skin type.


After Glow

Ask us about products that extend your tan, and help it fade evenly.

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