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What to Expect

  • We will do a quick consultation to assess your natural skin tone, and select a solution to achieve your desired results.

  • If you choose Express solution you can rinse in 4 hours. Classic solution requires 8 hours minimum to develop.

  • Please wear what you are most comfortable with which means nothing at all, a disposable thong or your own undergarment. Once sprayed, tan lines cannot be filled in or blended so be mindful the tan line matches any fashions you may have in mind.

  • We will then apply your solution in a discreet pop-up tent that keeps all tanning solution inside, and ensures no mess will be left behind. Your spray tan tech will provide towels and everything you need for service.

  • You will be guided through a series of quick, easy postures during the spraying process.

  • Entire process will take 20 minutes, we will be in and out and you will be glowing in no time.

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